Custom Made Chicken Coops and Yards

Backyard Eggs for You and the Neighbors!

Affordable Chicken Coops and Yards

  • Custom Built to Fit Your Space and Needs
  • Predator Proof
  • Using Recycled Materials When Available
  • Free Chicken Tips and Info

Fall is here and we’re getting lots of orders, so sign up for your free consultation today.  415-378-1685

Small coop for 3-4 chickens 2.5×5′
Medium coop for 4-6 chickens 3’x5.5′
Medium Large coop for 6-8 chickens 4’x6′
Large coop for 8-10 chickens 4’x8′
Coops custom made for any number of fowl
(see photos below)

(chickens usually lay 1 egg a day in summer, fewer in winter. How many eggs do you want?)

Includes Site Evaluation and Optimal Placement, Nesting Boxes, Roosts, Ramp, Easy Access Door to Reach Eggs and Clean Up, and Exterior Paint

***High Ventilation Design from Turn of the Century Wisdom…the Key to Optimal Chicken Health***

We’ve done our research. Don’t put your chickens in an enclosed box with tiny windows, even at night. They exhale much more moisture than people expect, and they’ll be unhappy and weakened in the stale damp air.


-Pecking Yards enclosed top and sides with mesh hardware cloth for lots of predator proof outdoor time.

-Chicken Tractor Coops built with wheels for easy mobility to fertilize your garden and keep down mites.

-Rabbit Hutches and Chick Starter Boxes

-Raised Bed Organic Gardens, Edible Gardens, Low Maintenance Yards, Fruit Trees, Pruning, Drip Irrigation Systems, Design and Installation, Patios, Arbors, Stonework, and Maintenance

Custom Designed and Built by a local skilled carpenter and organic gardener with rave reviews!


“Apolinar is honest, reliable and talented. We moved into our San Anselmo home in October 2008 and found ourselves with a seriously overgrown garden of roses and fruit trees in the front yard and a small jungle in the back yard. He could see the potential in our garden and transformed it into an edible landscape with drip irrigation system. When Spring came this year our front yard was an absolute riot of rose blooms: passers-by actually stopped to take pictures. I can’t say enough how much my husband and I have appreciated working with Apolinar. Now many of our neighbors and my Mother are working with him.” –K. Chao

Free site evaluation and delivery within Marin County. Travel fee for Pt. Reyes Station, Bolinas to Muir Beach, and outside Marin County 50 cents per mile round trip from San Rafael.

Join the Backyard Food Revolution!


Click on the Photos for a Larger View

Medium Coop Rear View with Exterior Roosting Box for Easy Egg Collection

Very Large Coop and Pecking Yard for 20-25 Chickens in Sebastopol

Medium Large Coop For 6-8 Chickens Made From a Converted Kids Playhouse in San Rafael

Small Coop and Yard for 3-4 Chickens in a Compact Berkeley Backyard

All feature wire floor section under roost bars so droppings go through to the ground and exterior roosting box for easy egg collection. You can have any size to look like one of these designs or we make custom designs to suit your needs. When making inquiries, it’s helpful if you tell us how many fowl you plan to house (if that’s what you’re interested in) and what town you live in. Thank you!

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