More Chicken Tips and Resources

I’d add one more tip which comes from my research about the chicken respiratory system.  They exhale a lot more moisture than humans.  So don’t coddle your chickens.  It’s fine to love them like pets, but when it comes to temperature, they do much better and are much healthier if you think of them as wild birds and let them adjust to the colder and even freezing temperatures which nature has designed for them to handle.

Unlike most coops which are totally closed boxes and promote chicken diseases from lack of fresh air and excessive chicken out breath moisture, ours have an open front, and this is the best for winter too.  A chicken will only have problems with drafts if it hasn’t been allowed to grow a winter coat of feathers, and they will if allowed to naturally adjust to the seasonal changes.  Just increase their feed if you observe them eating more in cold weather.  Chickens that are hardy like this will lay more eggs in winter too.

Here are some chicken info websites:  (Feed suggestions) has a decent breed selector and some how-to guides

Please feel free to ask any questions and we look forward to helping you.

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