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Apolinar’s Workshop

Here’s where Apolinar builds the smaller coops and raised bed gardens.

Apolinar’s Workshop

Apolinar Working On A Coop


“Apolinar and his crew were extremely diligent in their building of our large coop (designed for 60 chickens).  During the building project, we hit an unlucky weather streak with lots of rain, cold and wind, and I couldn’t believe how dedicated they were to showing up and pushing forward on our coop.  Apolinar is consistently professional, exceptionally tidy, inventive, and responsible.  The coop has functioned perfectly with its hinged roosting bars, large doors for litter clean out, and nest boxes.  The custom doors they built for the run leading out to the free-range areas are sized perfectly.  I  definitely recommend Apolinar and would trust him to build you a great chicken house using lots of creative finishing touches and implementing really useful ideas.”

Susan Bryer, Shelton’s Market Garden, Sebastopol, CA

February 2012


“I hired Apolinar De La Rosa to construct two raised gardening beds for me. I wanted these two beds constructed in such a way that if I was going to move, that I would be able to take them with me. When they were delivered, these beds were beautiful.  They were made extremely well of redwood, and Apolinar used bolts instead of nails so it could be taken apart and moved.  I am very pleased with Apolinar’s work and the way he delivered on his word.”

Sara, San Rafael, CA


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